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Strategy game


A must have for players who dare to think out of the box. Look beyond the grid and collect the most tiles.
Trixo - Aantal spelers
Trixo - Leeftijd
Trixo - Tijdsduur
Trixo - Aantal spelers
Trixo - Leeftijd
Trixo - Tijdsduur

explained in a few minutes

Trixo is a fun, fast and multidimensional strategy game for the whole family. Check out this short video and discover how a round is played.
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“A clever variation on a game we used to play at school all the time. Nostalgic yet totally contemporary.”

Yuri L.

In turn, add a tile to the imaginary 3×3 grid. Try to create a winning streak by aligning any 3 identical symbols in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line and collect all the tiles in the streak!

Trixo - Speel

Trixo doesn’t only boost your adaptability, but also your …

Forward thinking

In other words: planning. Playfully learning how to act or react in case of a certain event or trigger, even before it occurs.

Strategic switching

Trixo teaches you to react efficiently and purposefully to changing situations and to achieve your goal whilst the circumstances change due to an unexpected twist.


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in the box?

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Trixo - Speldoos 1
36 tiles
Trixo - Speldoos 2
Carrying bag
Trixo - Spelregels
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