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a true life skill

The ability to adapt flexibly to change is an essential skill which you need every day. A skill you can start to practise from a very young age.

Our games help you to develop this ability, by focusing on the 6 components of adaptability, which are integrated in our fun, accessible and creative game mechanics.

Boost your adaptability
Boost your adaptability

All FlexiQ games boost these

6 FlexiQ-skills

Focus & refocus

FlexiQ games teach you how to focus your attention on something (focus), but also that you can shift your attention to a new ‘point of interest’ (refocus). You need the ability to focus,, hold it and redirect it to a preset target everywhere: at school to learn something, in traffic, at work, when reading …

Focus & herfocus

Making connections

Creating links allows you to connect pieces of information to create new information or a bigger picture. You can combine things you see, hear, understand, remember, do or have to do to find new solutions or strategies. This allows you to adapt easier to new situations and to continue trying different and better solutions.

Changing perspective

When solving problems or playing games, but also in your social life, you have to adapt constantly to different circumstances and starting points. Adaptability means adjusting your approach, your opinion or the way you look at things to get to different, more creative and more successful solutions.

Van perspectief wisselen
Meerdere opties overwegen

Considering multiple options

You can’t always solve everything immediately. Trial and error often leads to nothing. A key element of adaptability is that you can come up with multiple options and can weigh these against each other. What works and what doesn’t? This is also something you need constantly in your professional, social and educational life.

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Training your working memory

Your working memory is a powerful function in your brain which allows you to hold onto pieces of information, observations or things from your long term memory long enough to do with them what you wanted to achieve. Expand the volume of your RAM-memory in your head with the games from FlexiQ.

Werkgeheugen trainen
Probleemoplossend denken

Problem solving

Problem solving is more than just coming up with a solution. It requires creative thinking, considering possibilities, reasoning, building potential strategies and logical thinking to solve complex issues or questions. Whether at home, work or school, you do this in steps which all have a part to play in the solution.

Which additional skill
do you want to strengthen?

Besides the 6 FlexiQ-skills, you can also practise several other important core skills with our games. Filter the skills below which you want to improve and immediately find your ideal game.

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that… ?

People with a high level of adaptability tend to be open to experimenting? Adaptability = being open to trying new ideas. A flexible thinker doesn’t often say: “Let’s do it like this, because we have always done it that way.”